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The mini strawberry lemon tartlets arranged in a random manner as seen from above. Dessert | Sweet Tarts | Sweet Treats

Mini Strawberry Lemon Tartlets

April 28, 2022
Mini tartlets are such a great and easy dessert to put together. They are made with mini tartlet shells using my homemade shortbread crust, filled with a lightened lemon cream (made with my lemon curd and whipped cream), then topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries. These mini strawberry lemon tartlets are addictive and so versatile as you can replace the strawberries with other fruits you love or have at home. For example, you can easily make these into raspberry tartlets or peach tartlets. I hope you love them! Can’t wait for you to give them a try.
The sliced cheesecake tart as seen from the side on a grey plate with a passion fruit on the side of the frame. Dessert | Sweet Tarts | Sweet Treats

No Bake Passion Fruit Cheesecake Tart

April 14, 2022
This no bake cheesecake tart is so delicious and fresh it will soon become a favorite. A passion fruit cheesecake tart made with a biscoff crust base, filled with the most creamy passion fruit cheesecake batter and topped with a thin layer of passion fruit jelly. If you prefer you can use my shortbread crust instead of the cookie crust, it turns out great too. This cheesecake tart is full of flavor, an elevated dessert for every occasion.
The sliced chocolate ganache raspberry tart on a white wooden board with a knife on the side. Dessert | Chocolate | Sweet Tarts | Sweet Treats

Dark Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tart

March 30, 2022
I love a good chocolate tart and this recipe kicks it up a notch! This dark chocolate ganache raspberry tart is so easy to make you will treasure it forever and ever. It is made using my homemade shortbread crust (you can replace it with store-bought tart crust if you prefer), filled with homemade raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, and a luscious, silky dark chocolate ganache. This chocolate raspberry tart is the perfect dessert for any given occasion. I hope you love it as much as they did at home. Can’t wait for you to make it.
Closeup of the chocolate pudding raspberry hand pies on the baking tray lined with parchment paper as they were removed from the oven. Dessert | Quiche & Pie | Sweet Tarts | Sweet Treats

Mini Baked Chocolate Pudding Raspberry Hand Pies

March 24, 2022
These mini chocolate pudding hand pies are so easy to make you won’t believe it. Made using my quiche crust recipe, these baked hand pies are filled with chocolate pastry cream and fresh raspberries. These chocolate raspberry hand pies are then brushed with egg wash and baked in the oven to make the most delicious treats ever. They are super versatile as you can make them your own by replacing the chocolate cream with vanilla pastry cream or the raspberries with fresh blueberries for example. You can also use store-bought pie crust or puff pastry and turn these into puff pastry hand pies! Hope you love this recipe as much as we did at home!
One strawberry mousse inside a glass jar topped with strawberries. Dessert | No Bake Desserts

Easy French Strawberry Mousse Dessert Without gelatin

March 21, 2022
This is an easy, French strawberry mousse dessert recipe: you only need 4 ingredients, and it comes together quickly. It has a fresh strawberry custard-like base mixed with whipped cream, is made without gelatin. I love this easy strawberry mousse because it’s fresh, fluffy, light, and it means summer is around the corner.Hope you enjoy it! If strawberry is not your thing, you can make this white chocolate mousse or this dulce de leche mousse instead!
The baked ladyfiners cookies arranged in a domino manner. Dessert | Cookies | Cakes | Sweet Treats

Homemade Ladyfingers Cookies

March 17, 2022
This ladyfingers cookies recipe is easy to follow and can be put together quickly. You can enjoy these freshly baked homemade ladyfingers with your afternoon coffee! This ladyfinger cookie recipe will take you through every step giving all the tips and tricks for success from making the batter, to piping out the cookies and baking them. These fluffy homemade ladyfingers can be enjoyed by themselves, with afternoon tea, or used as a base for other cakes and desserts, such as tiramisu or this chocolate raspberry charlotte cake.
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