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Overhead shot of the baked cherry clafoutis in the baking dish Dessert | Cakes

Cherry Clafoutis

August 10, 2020
Cherry clafoutis is a French classic originally from the Limousin region. This easy cherry clafoutis recipe is made of a batter like that of crepes or a French flan and topped with cherries. This is it, so simple yet so good! The prefect summer dessert.
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45° shot of the baked apricot tart with a sliced portion and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Dessert | Sweet Tarts

Apricot Tart

August 07, 2020
My final exam at Ecole Lenôtre School was 2 days long! We had a long list of products we needed to elaborate and present as a buffet by 5 pm on the second day. The first day was dedicated to "mise en place" (prep day) to get everything ready to be as performant and productive ass possible on day 2 and be able to make the deadline. The apricot tart was off course on the list of final products we had to present. We had to make 2 of them. This version is a little different from the classic French version (which has a layer of almond cream inside) because it is a rustic apricot tart. This means you don’t need a tart tin and you don’t need to line the mold! It is just the shortbread crust, the apricots with a little added flavor, all baked in the oven and sprinkled with the most delicious crumble topping.
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Closeup shot of one slice of Gateau Basque Dessert | Cakes | Sweet Tarts

Gateau Basque Cake

July 31, 2020
This Basque Cake is a dessert you will never forget. I first tried it at pastry school, and I was hooked. I am not a pastry cream fan, so I was incredibly surprised to find myself going for seconds the day I discovered this cake. A flaky dough filled with pastry cream and cherry jam with a mild lemony flavour. A few years later I travelled to the Basque Country and I had the pleasure of trying the real thing! Let me tell you, I had one every day I was down there! Lucky me they sell small individual Basque cakes at local boulangeries! I hope this gateau Basque recipe does it the justice it deserves!
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90° of 2 hands flouring the pizza dough Savoury

Bonci's Homemade Pizza Dough

July 23, 2020
Una de las cosas que más disfruto a la hora de la merienda. Cuando tenía 20 anos, pase una temporada trabajando en Aspen Skiing Company un centro de esquí en Estados Unidos, en Aspen, Colorado. Justo en frente de mi trabajo había esta panadería/pastelería que se llamaba Paradise Bakery. Allí comí las mejores cookies con chispas de chocolate de mi vida. ¡Desde entonces soy fanática 😊 Esta receta de galletas con chispas de chocolate es de mis favoritas! Le hago hace años, y la he ido modificando y perfeccionando. ¡Espero les guste!
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45° shot of the whole chocolate dulce de leche cake with a slice slightly pulling away Dessert | Chocolate | Cakes

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake

July 23, 2020
This chocolate dulce de leche cake was a classic at my house growing up. It still is. It is also the cake you have at every little kid's birthday party (or its vanilla variation). Safe to say we use to have it very often back in the day. A little confession: I still make this cake for my birthday every year!! I love it. So simple yet so delicious. Hope you love this chocolate and dulce de leche cake recipe as much as I do!