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5 homemade Oreo cookies filled with white chocolate cream filling standing next to each other in the bottom part of the frame. Chocolate | Cookies | Sweet Treats

Homemade Oreo Cookies with White Chocolate Cream Filling

June 29, 2021
Oreos are good; but homemade Oreos are better. This recipe for homemade Oreo cookies is the best: simple, easy, and delicious. Two buttery, flaky, chocolate shortbread cookies with a cream filling made with a whipped white chocolate ganache. If you like Oreos, some recipes using Oreos you might enjoy: No-bake chocolate mousse pie or this creamy dulce de leche cheesecake with Oreo crust. Hope you enjoy this recipe.
One hand holding one mini chocolate chip financier almond cake filled with chocolate ganache with others blurry in the back. Chocolate | Cakes | Sweet Treats

Mini Chocolate Chip Financiers Almond Cakes

June 25, 2021
French financier cakes are made using egg whites, almond flour, and butter as the main ingredients. They are soft, spongy mini almond cakes of heaven. This recipe calls for chocolate chips or chocolate shavings to flavour the batter and uses a rich chocolate ganache frosting. In France, these mini almond cakes filled with chocolate ganache, are known as "tigres" (which translates to tigers), and they are made using a mini savarin or mini donut pan. This chocolate French almond cakes are easy and super quick to make, and they are exquisite! Hope you love them!
Vanilla bean creme brûlée, baked and torched, in an oval ramekin, with another crème brûlée behind it and 2 small spoons on the side. Dessert

Classic French Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée

June 16, 2021
This classic vanilla bean crème brûlée recipe has stolen my heart. Ever since I made this easy crème brûlée recipe it has been on repeat at home. It is one of my husband’s favourite things to have an I get to make him happy with so little effort because this is such an easy and quick dessert: only 10 minutes to put together plus the baking time. This simple crème brûlée recipe can be made ahead, kept in the refrigerator, and caramelized with brown sugar just before serving. You can find some tips on how to caramelize it with or without torch below! A simple, easy, and classic dessert that is oh so silky smooth and never ceases to impress!
Mushroom and chicken crepes folded as small, wrapped gifts with blanched chives closing them up, as seen from the side. Savoury | Meat

Homemade Mushroom & Chicken Crepes

April 23, 2021
Traditionally in France, the savory crepes are called galettes and made with buckwheat flour. Those are the ones you can buy on the street and eat while enjoying your day out. These are not them. You can also make the classic crepe batter into a savory one and then have fun finding all kinds of savory crepe fillings. At cooking school, we made ones filled with clams, and they were delicious. And, in Argentina, savory crepes are often on the menu of many homes: growing up the classics at our house were ham and cheese, corn and spinach. This mushroom and chicken crepes is my favorite, and I hope you will love it too!