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The chocolate pastry cream inside a grey a bowl. Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Pastry Cream (Crème Pâtissière)

January 20, 2022
This chocolate pastry cream, also known as chocolate crème pâtissier, is easy to make. It is made with a vanilla pastry cream base (link to vanilla pastry cream) and a dense chocolate ganache that is poured into the hot vanilla pastry cream. This chocolate pastry cream recipe is very versatile and will allow you to create other desserts, creams, and fillings that use this cream as a base. It can be used to fill donuts, eclairs, and choux, and is also used as a base to make chocolate souffle! This simple recipe will come in handy to create beautiful and delicious sweets!
Closeup up macro shot of the French vanilla pastry cream Dessert | No Bake Desserts

French Vanilla Pastry Cream (crème pâtissière)

January 20, 2022
This is a recipe for vanilla pastry cream that is easy to follow and delicious. This French pastry cream is made with a base of egg yolks, sugar and milk, and a little cornstarch to help the cream thicken up. You will find all the tips to a smooth pastry cream, the base of many desserts and fillings, as is the case with this Gateau Basque recipe which is filled with pastry cream and cherry jam. You will also learn that pastry cream is the base of many desserts and creams in French pastry. This basic crème pâtissière recipe will give you the freedom to create your own cake fillings using this as a base recipe for your creations.
Closeup shot of the sliced French brioche loaf bread on a piece of parchment paper with a knife on the side Doughnuts & Rolls

French Brioche Loaf Bread

January 16, 2022
A brioche loaf bread recipe that will be the only one you will ever need. Simple and straightforward, the key to making fluffy French brioche bread are the kneading of the dough and the resting times of your dough. This brioche bread dough must made 24 hours in advance and then be shaped and baked the next day, helping you get organized and plan. Make a double batch and freeze it or use the leftovers to make this bread pudding recipe, it is spectacular! Can't wait for you to give it a try.
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The French king cake on a wooden board covered with a piece of parchment paper and a knife on the side. Dessert | Sweet Tarts | Cakes

Traditional French King Cake (Galette des Rois)

January 10, 2022
This recipe for Traditional French King Cake is a classic cake made to celebrate epiphany. It is made with homemade puff pastry and filled with almond cream. For the puff pastry you can use this easy rough puff pastry recipe, or you can try and make this homemade puff pastry recipe if you are feeling it! In France the "Galette des Rois" (as it is known here) can be found in all pastry shops throughout the month of January, tradition being that the youngest person in the room hides under the table and names the person who will be having each slice. The person who finds the figurine hidden inside is crowned King! It is made with homemade puff pastry and filled with almond cream filling. For the puff pastry you can use this easy rough puff pastry recipe, or you can try and make this homemade puff pastry recipe if you are feeling it! Can't wait for you to try this recipe!
Closeup of the finished rough puff pastry cut in half, one half on top of the other. Quiche & Pie | Sweet Tarts

How to Make Easy Rough Puff Pastry

January 09, 2022
Making puff pastry can be challenging but so worth the effort! If you have never tried it before, this recipe is ideal for you. Less complicated than the real puff pastry, this rough puff pastry is easy to make, roll out and fold. It gets done a lot quicker than regular puff pastry, as the resting times are not as long, and the method is much simpler. This recipe will walk you through every step of the way on how to make rough puff pastry and succeed. You use this rough puff pastry recipe to make any number of desserts like these Apple Puff Pastry Tarts, this French Kings Cake. And you can also use it to make many quiche recipes such as this Tomato Mozzarella Quiche or this Zucchini Quiche. Can't wait for you to try it!